Edible East End Is Up for 4 EDDY Awards! Please Vote for our Staff

strawberry shortcake_lluciano.jpg

You may not know it, but Edible East End is part of a nationwide collection of magazines dedicated to celebrating the foodways of their communities. We are all tied together via Edible Communities which, each year, hands out EDDY awards in categories that honor writers, photographers, illustrators, videographers and editors. This year, they’ve selected finalists and put the stories up for a public vote, a people’s choice. Edible East End has been honored in four categories, with nominations for best healthful recipe, best cover, best use of video and best website. We are so happy with the nominations and the opportunity to recognize the people who work here to make such a great magazine.

Now you can help. Please visit Edible Feast’s website and vote for EEE’s nominees. A brief into is below. And thanks for reading! Edible East End turns 10 years old this year!


Best Website Ariel Lauren Wilson, digital editor for Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn, put in long hours for the overhaul of our website, and her work paid off — with a h/t for my headlines.




Best Use of Video (Captain Dave Berson of Greenport, who is shown opening an oyster, wants to win this award so bad he’s promised way more than he can deliver. Give the guy a hand.)

diy oysters dave berson


Best Healthful Recipe Our friend Laura Luciano of Out East Foodie has got a jump on this category with her trial-and-error method for the best gluten-free strawberry shortcake. Show her the love!




Best Cover The vibrant and weathered fuscia background, the stark glistening trash fish. The best cover taken by the one and only Lindsay Morris.