What Summer Food Do You Miss Most?

what do you miss

On the Facebook page Eat Long Island; Drink Long Island, page moderator Lenn Thompson asked the frozen denizens of our sandy spit of land which summer foods they missed the most. More than 35 people so far have chimed in wistfully remembering picnics on the beach, fresh produce and local beer and wine as they stare out at the white stretch of their own backyard or come in from the cold after taking pictures of the sound freezing over into some ice planet Hoth landscape.

I tried voting for tomatoes three times, but corn edged the tomato lovers out by one vote. To be fair, corn won by five votes because I counted grilled corn (one fan) and roasted corn (three fans) as their own category. Name checked were Noah’s restaurant in Greenport, Wölffer and Anthony Nappa’s rosés and farm stands — Invincible Summer, Condzella, KK Haspel’s the Farm and Early Girl Farm. What do you miss? Vote below.