10 Most Read Posts of 2014

1. The Lemonade Tree: It’s Time to Harvest Sumac By Ronald Halweil

It seems our readership will never tire of sumac. It grows like a weed in our region and can be used to make lemonade and was definitely an “it” spice for 2014. Wait until late summer and then keep your eyes open to live off the land like our forebears.

2. Wine Council Issues Statement on Deaths of Ann Marie and Marco Borghese By Eileen M. Duffy


In what was one of the most tragic things to happen this year, Long Island Wine Country lost — within the same week — Ann Marie and Marco Borghese, owners of Castello di Borghese. We hope for all the best for their three children who have decided to keep the winery running while adjusting to an addling loss.

3. Off Season in Montauk by Sara Pepitone

anthony's pancake house

photo by Lindsay Morris

Montauk is some mystical land somewhere at the end of the East End. And everyone, it seems wants to know about it. You can bet it’ll get more coverage in 2015.

4. Vote for Edible East End’s Local Heroes for 2014/And the Award Goes to … Our 2014 Local Heroes by The Editors

montauk brewing company_03_krommydas

photo by Niko Krommydas

We got such a great response to out local heroes contest. More than 1,000 people voted. We can wait to to it again next year.

5. Long Island’s Livestock By Kelly Ann Smith


photo by Randee Daddona

We can attribute this to the persistence of locavorism and the acknowledgement that meat is a carbon-footprint heavy food. Local producers are working on getting a slaughterhouse close to home. Many are taking their steers on the ferry to get to Rhode Island. Once that is underway, we might see another surge in this positive development.

6. Farmers Markets List by Slow Food East End by The Editors

North Fork News

photo by Doug Young

See above. People like to eat produce from local farmers and products made by local artisans.

7. The River Café Is Hosting a Fundraiser for Gerry Hayden July 16 by The Editors


photo by Laura Luciano

Chef Gerry Hayden of North Fork Table and Inn has been living with ALS since 2011, and the food community on the East End has gathered round to make his and Claudia Fleming’s, his wife, as easy as possible. The news that the restaurant is for sale is a such a shame, but the gang couldn’t see going on without him.

8. 8 Hands Farm By Eileen M. Duffy

8_Hands_Farm_06_Matt Furman

photo by Matt Furman

Uh, hello, livestock. The great thing about this story is the farm is a family affair and they are doing everything to make sure the whole animal is used. Stop by for chops, yarn and buttons.

9. A One-Man Raw Milk Dairy Farm by Eileen M. Duffy


photo by Randee Daddona

Here’s another farmer giving the people what they want. Chris Wines’ parents have been operating Ty Llywd Farm in Riverhead for years. Now the son has started his own venture. Call ahead, the milk sells out.

10 The Next It Fish: 5 Species All New Yorkers Should Be Eating by Brian Halweil 


photo by Lindsay Morris

Like farmers markets, livestock farmers and milk producers, our fish mongers want to put forth the best freshest seafood that is seasonal and sustainable. Take a look at this list when you’re deciding what’s for dinner.