Local Wine Gift Baskets from Channing Daughters

People want guidance when buying wine; people want guidance when buying gifts. Well, our friends at Channing Daughters Winery in Bridgehampton are leading the way for lost souls this holiday season. From among their varied varieties, CDW has put together samplers of their vino paired with wine tools, local food products and notes. The baskets–built around particular themes (the “Survival Kits” with two bottles paired with two wine openers)  or people on your gift list (the “Foodie” with a vermouth, a honey and Mast Brothers chocolate)–are available in the tasting room and can be delivered if you order by December 22. Call the winery at 631-537.7224 for information and to order.

To get your mouth watering, here’s the selection:

“Survival Kits” 2013 Scuttlehole Chardonnay and CDW Pull Parrot, $31 or 2012 Due Uve and CDW Pull Parrot, $35

“After Dinner”; 2004 Pazzo and Mast Brothers Chocolate, $48

“Locavore” One of our Vervinos, Local Honey and Local Jelly, $53

“Foodie” One of our Vervinos, Local Honey and MB Chocolate, $55

“Wine Kit” 2010 Sculpture Garden, CDW Beverage Napkins, CDW Pull Parrot, Vacuvin Wine Pump, Foil Cutter, $58.95

“Bridgehampton Basket White” 2011 Mosaico, Bees Needs Honey, Sauv Blanc Jelly and CDW Wine Opener, $63

“Bridgehampton Basket Red” 2010 Sculpture Garden, Bees Needs Honey, Merlot Jelly, Mast Brothers Sea Salt Chocolate, $64

“Rainbow Basket” Red, White and Orange! 2010 Scultpure Garden, 2013 Scuttlehole Chardonnay, 2012 Ramato (Ask about the special edition Rainbow Basket upgrade!), $74.00

“Merlot Three Ways” 2010 Sculpture Garden, 2004 Pazzo and Merlot Jelly, $75

“Merlot Mixer” 2010 Sculpture Garden, 2004 Pazzo, Merlot Jelly and two Mast Brothers Chocolates, $93

“Decadent Red” Over & Over Variation 7, 2004 Pazzo, Mast Brothers Vanilla and Smoke Chocolate and Stumptown Coffee Chocolate, $94

“Chardonnay Four Ways”: 2013 Scuttlehole Chardonnay, 2012 Vino Bianco, 2011 Envelope and 2008 L’Enfant Sauvage, $116

“Vervino Flight” All five seasonal variations of our VerVino, $152

“Flight to Go” All six wines from our tasting room flight with notes, $163