5 of my Favorite Things to Eat in Bridgehampton

I lived in Bridgehampton for 22 years before moving to Watermill a few years ago. The town area itself is so small, it’s like one big family. As you may know, Bridgehampton is the original home of the Hampton Classic horse show, a week-long Grand Prix show over Labor Day drawing around 50,000 people. But what you don’t know? Bridgehampton’s food scene is one of the best on the East End.

candy kitchen_claudia wardPhoto by Claudia Ward.

Let’s start off with my ultimate favorite, Candy Kitchen. This place does not get old. No, seriously though. I’ve been coming here since the day I learned to chew. It is run by Gus Laggis, who has been the big man in the front since he bought it in 1981. To say this diner is legendary is an understatement. I once had breakfast here sitting next to Seinfeld. Some people just come for the homemade ice cream. Don’t get me wrong, the ice cream is unbelievable, but their grilled cheese is on a whole other level. It captures the perfect amount of white bread, butter and American cheese, with a crispy outside and a gooey inside. Top that off with their french fries and bacon, you won’t be disappointed.

topping-rose_27-eastPhoto via 27 East.

Even though places like Candy Kitchen have been around for a long time, Bridgehampton welcomes new restaurants often. In 2013, acclaimed chef Tom Colicchio opened his contemporary American restaurant at the Topping Rose House, and it was exactly what the town needed. Located in the Hampton’s most luxurious resort, you are likely to have a celeb sighting or two. Topping Rose’s menu changes seasonally, however the brioche doughnuts with sensational brown butter maple glaze and the “Bridgehampton town fry” (scrambled eggs, bacon and oysters) are available for year round. The lobster roll and the bone marrow are a must for lunch. My mouth is watering now just thinking about it. At Topping Rose, you’ll never see something on the dinner menu for more than nine days.

The Bridgehampton Inn isn’t anything new, but this past June, everything changed when they announced the opening of their restaurant. The restaurant uses lobsters, artichokes, zucchinis and cheese from Loaves and Fishes. Their weekly dinner menu gets better with time. Each week they serve a form of duck or fresh fish. Last time I was there, I had a duck and vegetable paella that was pretty life changing. Save room for their chocolate truffles for dessert.

Looking for something more casual? If you’re just driving past town, or simply grabbing a bite, look no further than The Pizza Place. Who doesn’t love a slice of pizza? The place has been around forever, and their garlic knots and standard cheese pizza continue to maintain their taste. This summer, The Pizza Place decided to switch things up a bit when they pulled a little merger with Goldberg’s Bagels. So if you love bagels, and you love pizza, I think you just found heaven.

round-swamp-guacmoleRound Swamps famous guacamole. 

Trying to avoid those heavy carbs? Don’t blame you there. That’s where Round Swamp Farm comes in. The nine generation family-owned farm shop began in East Hampton on Three Mile Harbor. Its recently opened new location is right behind Candy Kitchen, and way more convenient for Bridgehampton residents. No trip to Round Swamp is complete without at least three containers of their addictive chicken salad and guacamole. Their mini muffins are perfect for breakfast and the prepared foods are great to bring to the beach.

Off to Bridgehampton you go!