Long Island Wine Country Gets Good Exposure on Bloomberg

Ron Goerler Jr. stopped by Taking Stock on the Bloomberg news channel last week to talk about the the Long Island wine region. He answered basic questions about the soil, the climate, the grape varieties and had a chance to talk about Jamesport Winery, which was started by his father in 1981. He also reminded everyone that HARVEST EAST END is this Saturday! (Get your tickets here.)

What’s important about this, is the interview was on a business station. And when business reporters are interested in something, that means there is money to be made. And when money is being made, more people start paying attention to a region. It’s no longer a quaint experiment, but a business producing a (quality) commodity that affects the economy. This year the New York Wine & Grape Foundation released a study detailing the economic impact of the wine and grapes industry in New York State that shows all New York wineries paid $408 million in taxes in 2012. That’s not bad. And the wineries are hiring.

Each year the door opens just a little bit more.