COOK: Chef Mathias Brodie’s Kebab Recipe

Maidstone, Chef Mathias, Swedish chef

In our High Summer Issue, writer Kelly Ann Smith visited with chef Mathias Brodie of the Living Room Restaurant at ℅ Maidstone in East Hampton. In addition to serving up extravagant tacos, Brodie also loves kebabs. He let us in  on some of his secrets. “It’s quite simple,” he says.

We agree, and, as usual, starting with the freshest local ingredients is best. For the kebabs, use a firm local fish or for beef eaters, use a strip steak.

Make a rub of equal parts fennel seed, pink peppercorn, anise seeds, tarragon; add pinch of salt and red chili flakes and season the protein generously. Skewer either meat or fish between a grouping of cherry tomatoes, sliced bell peppers and red onion. Grill on medium-high heat until the meat is cooked and vegetables start to soften. Serve the kababs with a harissa aioli, basically a simple garlic mayonnaise with harissa (available at Mediterranean markets or by East End favorite A Taste of the North Fork) and lemon juice.