South Fork & Spoon

Lexi Stolz has started a food delivery business in the Hamptons. 

It’s Friday, and you’re headed to the Hamptons. It takes hours what with the traffic, but when you get here, the air is sea-scented, the evening light is cinematic, and you’re ready for a relaxing weekend. But right now, everyone is hungry. The fridge is empty, and what’s worse, so is the wine rack. And, you remember, you’re having those people over for a playdate/cocktails/barbecue tomorrow. The thought of wasting precious Hamptons time at the IGA, fighting for the last limp bunch of arugula or vacuum pack of grassfed burgers, is too much.

Lexi Stolz knows what that’s like and has a solution. South Fork & Spoon is a meal delivery, personal shopping and food concierge service that can make entire dinners magically appear, take all the pesky planning out of entertaining, solve the eternal riddle of kid-friendly food and even see to it that you arrive to chilled wine, a warm pool, cranking AC and a full pantry. Naturally, this comes at a price, but if you had to do all this yourself it would certainly add up, and, well, it’s the Hamptons.

“I know I wasn’t alone in the feeling of ‘losing Fridays,’” says Stolz. “We all travel many hours to spend such a brief time in our personal paradise. This helps families kick their weekend off early, spend time together and avoid the stress. If someone can smile because they don’t have to shop on Friday night, if kids get to spend an extra two hours with their hardworking parents, that makes me happy. It’s the simple things that resonate with people.”

SouthForkandSpoon_2014_lindsaymorris-60Fresh on call. Lexi Stolz’s new business will stock your kitchen with local food.

The food is sourced directly from South Fork growers and producers. The Bridgehampton Lobster Dinner, the Sagaponack Pool Barbecue, the picnic baskets and other offerings include cheese from Cavaniola’s, flowers from Sag Harbor Florist, corn, tomatoes and salads from Pike Farm and Round Swamp Farm, wine from Wölffer Estate Vineyard and fresh seafood from the Seafood Shop in Wainscott. Some packages are done by the Ango NYC catering company, like the “DIY Cocktail Party,” with gorgeous hors d’oeuvres that look like tiny works of art, and the kids/babysitter meals complete with dessert and a craft.

“Everything is customized, because every family is different,” says Stolz. “We cultivate personal relationships with our clients, and we strive each weekend to surprise them with new, authentic Hamptons items and foods.”

Cooking and coordinating is Stolz’s thing. Her multifaceted career based in New York City includes wedding and event planning, catering and opening a farm-to-table restaurant, the Dalloway in SoHo, with her wife, Kim. She started young, she recalls, cooking dinner with her mother almost every night.

“Food has always been a huge part of my life,” she adds. Find her at

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