Captains Neck & Co.

Soda that tastes like home. 

CaptainsNeckCoSoda_2014_lindsaymorris-2Captains Neck sodas draw flavor inspiration from summer cocktails.

Imagine a summer’s day on the East End and you’ll find a lot you’ll wish you could bottle. From the gritty heat of the sand beneath your toes to the song of seagulls overhead, it seems this season—in this setting specifically—was born to be savored. And now, thanks to Philip Piro, founder of the family-owned, artisanal beverage company Captains Neck & Co., it is something you can sip as well.

It all began four years ago. “We thought it would be fun to create a whimsical, summertime brand that embodied the East End,” says Piro. “And so, when we started to think about potential flavors, we didn’t have to look very far. Both Citrus Mint and Grape & Ginger were inspired by two of our favorite cocktail recipes from right here on the East End.”

It is a place Piro knows well; despite splitting his childhood between Connecticut and Long Island, growing up he spent every one of his summers in Southampton. And nowhere is this intimacy more evident than in what makes Captains Neck & Co. so unique: At just 40 calories per bottle, and with no artificial dyes or sweeteners among the ingredients, these are beverages just as delicious as they are perfectly safe for your health.

Even the bottles themselves, eco-friendly and made of glass, peddle this perfect balance of nostalgia and innovation. “The plan is to release many more flavors,” says Piro, offering another glimpse into the bud of the brand’s inventive spirit. “For right now, though, we’re actively working on two.”

In the meantime, the Piro family’s plan is to get Captains Neck & Co. into as many hands as possible, the progress of which you can easily track on their website. Do so and you’ll find that the list of locations at which their beverages are available is growing in length every day. You’ll notice, too, that the family will even deliver. “We wanted to resurrect the old concept of having food delivered to your door,” Piro says. “And we love meeting customers. I’d say that’s the most fun aspect of the job, really.”

It is no wonder, then, that Captains Neck & Co. feels a lot like home. “It’s named after the street we grew up on,” says Piro, the conversation pivoting to the past once again. “Captains Neck Lane. We hope our customers can feel a part of our story there as well.”

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