Farm Stand Collab: Feedfeed and an Iacono Chicken

Here is another meal from our Farm Stand Collaboration this summer with Edible East End. Quick reminder on how this works: Edible scours the amazing East End local farms and farmers markets for produce, documenting along the way.  In a multi-part series, we have invited local chefs, bloggers and home cooks to join us in cooking an inspiring meal with this local and seasonal bounty provided by Edible. We then share these meals with you.

We were lucky enough to be the recipients of the first delivery of veggies sourced from the Sag Harbor Farmers Market.  From this haul I made three meals: a mushroom and zucchini pizza, grilled veggies with a filets of beef; my final meal is described below. 

I used the last of my rhubarb Quail Hill Farm chutney to accompany grilled Iacono Farm chicken, seasoned with a dry rub of garam masala and cardamom. This was served with grilled bok choi (QHF) tossed in olive oil salt and pepper, a garlic scape raita (I grilled the last of my QHF garlic scapes and added lemon, mint and yogurt) and grilled naan.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the collaboration with Edible, which had us recently strolling the fields of Amber Waves Farm with one of our favorite bloggers, Jodi Moreno from What’s Cooking Good Looking, harvesting some amazing produce for her to cook with!

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