The News From Oregon Road; Updates from Shinn Estate Vineyard

leaf pulling ShinnBarbara Shinn clears the fruit zone, or pulls leaves, by hand. 

Each week, David Page of Shinn Estate Vineyard sends out a newsletter updating subscribers on the latest news and the state of the vineyard. And that’s what I like about this newsletter. It keeps me updated on the growing season and on the latest methods Barbara is using in the vineyard, which she farms sustainably as a member of Long Island Sustainable Wine Growing

5:34 AM Friday, July 18th 2014 Dear Friends of Shinn, After some misty wet weather early this week the sun has reappeared, drying things up. We’re going to see sun and clouds today and throughout the weekend with temperatures reaching high 70s to low 80s. Get complete up to the minute Shinn Estate Vineyards reports from our own Weather Station. Barbara and her vineyard crew have just about caught up with mid-summer canopy management. There is still a lot of work ahead but it is looking much more under control than it did a week ago. Seems every year we go through a short cycle of time when the work appears insurmountable, leaving us feeling like we are drowning. With a fairly good stretch of nice weather ahead we should be able to resurface and breathe again soon.

Patrick, Barbara and I have tasted through all of the 2012 blends, made our choices and  are now bottling the 2012 red wines. We bottle and label separately, so these wines will not get labeled until just before harvest, but for those of you that are owed your futures order expect to pick up the wine late in September or early October.

We’re now using a Coravin Wine System in the tasting room that allows us to pour special bottles without pulling the cork. I’ve been experimenting with the system for several months and am amazed at how well it preserves the freshness of our older vintages. We are open everyday from 10:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. and until 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. There are always 10-12 wines to choose for tasting or enjoy a bottle or glass. Cheese plates, charcuterie, olives and nuts are available for purchase as well as signature Shinn Estate Vineyards T-shirts and copies of our cookbook “Recipes from Home” published in 2001 – winner of the Julia Child Cookbook Award. If you are unable to visit soon and cannot find our wines near you, we ship to most places in the U.S. Online store.

And that’s the news from Oregon Road!
David Page, owner, vintner, distiller
Barbara Shinn, owner-winegrower
Patrick Caserta, winemaker