Cocktails on Tap and in Bottle at Almond, Bridgehampton

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Check out the outrageously refreshing house-bottled cocktails at Almond. #honeynegroni #lemongrasscosmo #anchomanhattan #lavenderpear

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You’ve definitely heard of beer on tap; you’ve most likely heard of wine on tap, but a cocktail on tap, premixed, frosty and delicious? I hadn’t either, but mosey on down to Almond in Bridgehampton to say that you’re one of the first to try the never-ending, you-don’t-have-to-wait-for-them-to-make-it Tequila Sour. You know, at some places you have to wait for some guy to squeeze the limes, locate the tequila — whoops, gotta get another bottle from the basement — add the ice and shake it up. Now, just say, “I’ll have another Tequila Sour please.” The bartender will nod, select a fresh cold glass (unless you like to reuse yours because it’s seasoned and, you know, it wastes water), tilt it under the spout and within 30 seconds your second cocktail is sitting on their newly renovated bar. What’s better than that. OR you can order one of their cocktails, bottled and ready to go. It’s the ease of ordering a beer with the sophistication of a cocktail. Tell me how they are. I live a little too far away for an impulsive taste test. But I do love a good negroni. The selection is below.

On Tap
Tequila Sour $14
Cabeza tequila, house-made sour mix, cayenne- sugar rim

Apricot ancho spicy Manhattan $15
Apricot-infused Michter’s rye, sweet vermouth, ancho reyes

Lavender Pear $15
Infused Ford’s gin, Channing Daughters’ Vervino, pear liqueur, amaro

Lemongrass Infused Cosmo $15
Reyka vodka, house-made cranberry syrup, fresh lime

Honey Negroni $15
Barr Hill gin, Campari, Antica Carpano