Farm Stand Collab: Feedfeed and Grilled Turnips

Here is another meal from our farm stand collaboration this summer with Edible. A quick reminder on how this works. Edible scours the amazing local farms and farmers markets for produce and drops it off  for Dan and me at feedfeed  as well as to other cooks in the feedfeed community. We and other feedfeed members then take over and cook creative and inspiring meals and share it with you.  

This week, Julie cooked another meal from the produce sourced from the Sag Harbor Farmers Market. Julie grilled turnips, garlic scapes and kale from Quail Hill Farm and made a rhubarb chutney to accompany a grilled grass-fed filet.  The steak was seasoned with garam masala and cardamom before grilling. Julie also grilled some of Carissa’s Breads (made with Amber Waves Farm wheat) with olive oil to complement the meal. Stay tuned for more cooking from Julie using this rhubarb chutney as well as a meal using the carrot relish from a Taste of the North Fork. il