Get Ready for Seaweed Farms

Gracilaria tikvahiae _steve schottGracilaria tikvahiae by Steve Schott

The Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County’s Marine Program is in the planning stages of launching an initiative to create a new kind of “green” farming on Long Island. The scientists have developed the technology to successfully farm different types of seaweed and will initially focus the project on the waters of the East End.

According to CCE, seaweed aquaculture dissolves excess nitrogen and carbon from the water. This benefit reverses the impact of eutrophication and excess carbon emissions. Seaweed can be used as a food source, for pharmaceuticals, soil amendments and biofuels, as well. The photos on this page are examples of seaweed already growing in our waters.

kelp cluster_Kim ManzoKelp by Kim Manzo

Anyone interested in donating start up funds for the initiative and any chefs interested in samples of the different types of seaweed the aquaculture can provide can contact Kimberly Barbour, Cornell Cooperative Extension’s marine program outreach specialist at 631-461-5294 or e-mail her at They are working on a website; we’ll let you know when it’s up and running.