VIDEO: The Making of an Oyster Opening Video

We’ve got a new project going on at Edible, we’re starting to make a collection of stories and videos with a “How to” theme. For the first one, our favorite videographer, Aaron Pattap, came out to the North Fork to shoot Capt. David Berson at Pipes Cove Oysters showing us how to open oysters the French way, or as Berson called it, the side method. The method is particularly useful for oysters from our waters because the shells can be fragile. And, as always, safety first!

We got to shoot on the beach next to the Silver Sands Motel in Greenport, where Pipes Cove is based. It was a beautiful day, Berson is made for the camera and Aaron got to use nearly every toy in his bag, including a Go-Pro for an underwater shot.

What other “How to” or DIY stories should we cover? We’re thinking make your own vinegar, sour dough starter, how to smoke fish … what else?