Oystering in Blainville-sur-Mer

france oyster farming_03_michael osinski

It’s interesting where our vacations take us. I end up visiting wine regions and care intensely about where I’m going to eat. I have a friend who could care less about foreign cuisine; she goes for the museums. Mike Osinski of Widow’s Hole Oyster Company, who writes the Mollusk Culture column for Edible East End, visits oyster farms. This past winter he and his family spent some time at a big one on the Norman coast of France, where the United States Army landed on their bloody path toward resolving WWII. He wrote about it for our low summer issue.

According to Osinski, the memories of the soldiers are still alive with the high tides that make Normandy ideal, and dangerous, for oyster growing.

For more information about the region, check out this website.