The 10 Eggs Project: We Want Your Egg-Centric Creation

Raising ducks comes with benefits. They fertilize the ground they tread. They vacuum up slugs, potato beetles and weed seeds. Their waddling, paddling ways are graceful and hilarious to observe. And they provide us with more eggs than we can easily use. Usually 14 a day, to be exact. Which is convenient for a Father’s Day brunch when your home is packed with family, or for an ice cream making party. Otherwise, it means big bowls of egg still-lives on our counters.

The good news is friends are always willing to take a half dozen or more. And as thanks we get to hear how much they enjoyed them; compared with chicken eggs from, duck eggs are larger, creamier, richer—more superlative in every way. “It’s like putting cream in your coffee instead of milk,” our friend, chef Jeff Schwarz, wrote in the Times. An added bonus of egg-gifting: we often pick up a new egg-centric recipe: pavlova, meringue, mayonnaise, cowboy eggs.

So, to document these neighborly creations, we are announcing the 10 Eggs Project. Over the course of the summer, we will give 10 Edible readers a dozen eggs each and ask them to show us what they make. The dish can be as ordinary as an omlette or as complicated as a souffle, as American as deviled eggs or as ethnic as egg fried rice.

You have until July 4 to apply. Tell us what you plan to make and why you deserve to be in the project. The 10 cooks we choose, and their creations, will be featured on our website. Simply post a comment right here or on our Facebook wall. You can also Tweet at us or post to Instagram with our handle.