Chowing Down at the Greenport Chowder Festival

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June 8 was a happy day in Greenport, a day during which residents and visitors alike came together to celebrate the refurbishment of the town’s legendary chowder contest—now, the first annual Chowder Fest. Let’s take a look at some of the fun.

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Above you’ll see the day’s big winner Brian Cavanagh, executive chef of Claudio’s, who’s been making their old-fashioned chowder for twenty-three years. But don’t let the simplicity of his recipe fool you; apparently three ingredients—local hand-cut vegetables, silky clam juice and some secret ingredient sherry—is all a chowder needs.

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Sarah Phillips Loth, of Greenport’s own First and South, was the day’s second biggest winner. It was, after all, her South Street Chowder—made with smoked cod and bacon, whole little neck clams and a dash or two of love—that placed second in the day’s biggest stakes.

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Taking first place in the “other,” or non-clam, category was A Lure’s own Jeff Uguil. His striped bass chowder—made with fennel, orange and saffron—was one of the day’s runaway favorites.

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And with chowders as delicious as those served on the big day, locals and visitors alike found much to praise.

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Another favorite was Salt Shelter Island Clam Chowder, served in homemade bread bowls, by Lauren Cheatham. Drooling yet?

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How about now?

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Bill Hand, of the Petulant Wino in Aquebogue, served up the day’s second biggest winner in the “other,” or non-clam, category.

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The flavors showcased even took tasters down for a little taste of the bayou. Above is CJ’s (of Mattituck) New Orleans Chowder.

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And to ensure that taste wasn’t the only sense being indulged that day, Brian and Keith Cummings of Points East were there to play to guests’ ears as well.

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