Throwback Thursday: Going Back to Greenport

scrimshaw restaurant, greenport

Don’t let the somber scene outside your window fool you; summer is fewer than 10 days away! And what better way to celebrate the season’s coming arrival than to throwback to the sunny days of 2006, when our spring issue featured a look into Greenport’s buzzing restaurant scene? Nothing says summer like Greenport.

“The village of Greenport,” as we told you way back then, “enjoys a gastronomic history that includes whaling, squidding, rumrunning and a nascent wine country in its backyard. And the cosmopolitan harbor has always attracted discriminating diners.”

Never before, however, have these same diners been so spoiled with choice. From Scrimshaw to the Frisky Oyster, each restaurant’s menu promises dishes more delicious than the next. The question, then, is how ever are you supposed to choose? Luckily we’ve got your back.

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