Throwback Thursday: Sunny with a Chance of Cocktails

cocktails on table

Did you hear? Edible is throwing a cocktail contest. The challenge is simple. Bartenders from Montauk to Manhattan, create two cocktails for us—one traditional, the other innovative and Edible—with a base of Hendrick’s gin, and you could win an Edible profile, prizes and prestige. And as if that weren’t exciting enough, this week we’re throwing back to a feature on one of our region’s signature cocktails to keep up with the theme: the Long Island iced tea.

It’s a lethal drink. Or, as Allen Katz wrote all the way back in the Summer of 2007, it is a “foolish concoction,” “fun to talk about, perhaps, but neither a pleasing nor efficient cocktail.” Why, he wondered, is it named for Long Island?

“Many stories exist. TGI Fridays, the global restaurant chain founded in New York City in the 1960s, claims to have invented the drink—perhaps an homage to some of its suburban patrons,” he writes. “Others claim that the drink, like many cocktails, was invented during Prohibition as a way to disguise a powerfully alcoholic pour.”

How will you disguise your powerfully alcoholic pours, dear readers? We’re certainly looking forward to finding out.

Until then, you can read the rest of Allen Katz’s story on the Long Island iced tea right here.