Vote for Your Favorite Cover; Our Low Summer Issue Comes out Next Month

It’s that time again. That time when you tell us which of the below cover options are your favorites. The images are used in the magazine to illustrate some great stories. Geraldine Pluenneke writes about the school kitchen at Hayground School where the students make lunch four days a week; sometimes the lunches are nothing but salads, now that’s an accomplishment. Others details the kitchen and cook style of Sag Harbor artist Dan Rizzie and his wife, Susan Lazarus. How about the rooster that got abandoned on Marilee Foster’s farm? They’re all beautiful. So click away, vote early and often.

1. Bridgehampton Gothic

EEE45-Covers 1

2. Rooster

EEE45-Covers 2

3. Saffron

EEE45-Covers 3

4. Cooks

EEE45-Covers 4

5. Basket o’ Greens

EEE45-Covers 5

6. Harvest

EEE45-Covers 6

7. Bridgehampton Gothic 2

EEE45-Covers 7

8. Basket 2

EEE45-Covers 8

9. Kale Pesto

EEE45-Covers 9

10. Fire-Roasted Tomatoes

EEE45-Covers 10

11. Knife Still Life

EEE45-Covers 11

12. Fish Stew

EEE45-Covers 12