Throwback Thursday: Sunny Side Up

farm fresh eggs in basket

Love and eggs are best when fresh — or so goes the old Russian proverb. On the issue of the eggs, at least, we here at Edible East End have to agree. Eggs sold on the shelves of supermarkets just can’t compete with those for sale straight off the farm. And as our own Susan Yager reported back in Spring 2006, East Enders familiar with farm fresh eggs will quickly reveal the reason: the happiest chickens lay the best-tasting eggs.

Why? Because the health of chickens — like that of all animals, humans included — depends on access to a healthy diet and environment, as well as having adequate space in which to move. “Chickens should be pastured, weather permitting,” Yager writes, “which means they have ample room to walk around, experience sunshine, and eat grass, grit and microorganisms from the earth along with supplemental feed free of animal by-products and antibiotics.”

It is not surprising, then, that hens raised in these compassionate conditions are known to lay better-tasting eggs. The eggs of such happy hens will even reveal brighter-colored yolks than those forced to live and lay within the cramped quarters of a cage. This is, Yager says, “one of the wonderful things about not treating farm animals like machines.”

So, just to recap, that’s happy and healthy animals and better-tasting omelets? Sounds like a win-win to me. You can decide for yourself when you read Susan Yager’s entire article here.