Winner Chosen in Feedfeed Instagram Contest

“We were blown away with all of the amazing entries to our ‘Inspired by feedfeed’ contest,” says Julie Resnick, who with her husband, Dan, have started the Feedfeed, a app in beta testing to which users post photos to give other users inspiration to answer that daily question: What will I ever make for dinner tonight? Feedfeed was featured in our Spring 2014 Issue, and since then they’ve received a lot of traffic on their Instagram page. The feedfeed community takes pictures of their latest dishes and posts them. If you check in regularly, you’ll be able to find something new to toss in your scrambled eggs or omelet, or a new topping for the weekday pizza.

“It was particularly interesting to see how one spark or idea was taken to a totally different place from one cook to the next,” says Resnick. “We love how Grace (@tograok) used inspiration from two people, @joanamlimao and @kitchentablenyc, (who have been active in our community) to come up with her winning entry of beetroot linguine with a peppered pea and mint sauce” Grace entered a two-part post. Here’s the other one.

Resnick adds, “My own cooking evolves daily, because of the inspiration I get from the members of the feedfeed community. That was the crux of why we wanted to have this contest, to highlight how I and others have been getting inspired.”

Two runners up deserve mention. From @theadventuresofafoodaholic: radicchio and sunny tomatoes with poached beetroot medallions, minted ricotta, sliced radishes dressed with virgin olive oil and an organic palm nectar and balsamic reduction, which was inspired by the lemony ricotta toast of @nicholeate.

And this spring salad on a bed of very thin sliced apples, roasted beets, segmented tangerines, very thin sliced fennel, fennel frond, citrus-honey vinaigrette, balsamic reduction, black lava salt from Iceland, and a grapefruit martini from @kassandrah_.

The winner will receive a gift basked curated by Edible!