Southampton Company Now on Indiegogo; Local Picnics Ordered on the Web

tartine sandwiches

Imagine it’s your day off. It’s beautiful outside and you want to call some friends and have a picnic at the beach. After you shower, pull on your clothes and get a cooler from the basement to keep your food nice and fresh, you open your refrigerator and are met with a depressing sight: your fridge is completely barren. Wouldn’t it be great if you could call someone to arrange a delicious picnic spread and save you the time and effort of preparing a meal? Yes, yes it would.

With her Southampton-based business, Madeline Picnic Co., Madeline McLean is here to help you with all of your gourmet-food-on-the-go needs. Using the crown-funding website (similar to Kickstarter), McLean is looking to the community to help her start up Madeline Picnic Co.  “I strive to facilitate – and foster – the mobile lifestyle out here by bringing people unparalleled to-go food,” says McLean.

Madeline McLean

McLean wants provide farm-fresh meals that accommodate the outdoor and mobile lifestyle of the East End crowd. Order picnics for various party sizes on the company’s website, choose between an assortment of tartine-style sandwiches and hearty salads and then pick up your food from several locations on the South Fork.

So far, Mclean has raised close to a third of her goal of $20,000; the campaign ends on May 8. Visit Madeline’s Indiegogo page to read more about her story, in addition to her company website,, that will be up and running in a few weeks.