Long Island Joins World in Champagne to Protect Place Names

Protect Place Meeting - Steve Bate, Ron Goerler and Jim Waters at J.P Charpentier in Champagne

It’s a problem European wine regions know well. Given their products are named after where they come from, they have to be especially vigilant that only sparkling wine from the Champagne region can be called Champagne. The is the law of the land in the European Union, but the United States does not enforce it. Neither does China, which is starting to step on toes by putting Napa Valley on the label of some of their bottles.

To protect place names, in 2005 the Joint Declaration to Protect Wine Place Names & Origin was signed in Napa Valley. Since then 19 regions have signed the declaration including Long Island, which joined in 2010.

Long Island wine makers Jim Waters and Ron Georler Jr. and Long Island Wine Council Executive Director Steve Bate joined coalition members for meetings in Champagne last month to discuss strategy and jointly oppose the proposal of the new domain extensions .vin and .wine without adequate protections for established wine growing regions to prevent misuse and consumer confusion.