Food Trucks Are Taking Off, Still


Eat Me, Drink Me is one of the latest in the convoy of food trucks converging on the East End. In our Spring 2014 issue, Gianna Volpe wrote about it and the innovative grilled cheese sandwiches its owner is turning out. Below is an update on some of our favorite trucks. AND, don’t forget to save August 8 for our third annual Food Truck Derby. See you then.

Eat Me, Drink Me joins a plethora of new rolling restaurants on Long Island — in fact those who have been around the block in the local mobile eatery business say new trucks are coming online more rapidly than ever before.

“Over the past year there has been a huge increase in food trucks out on the East End,” says Hamptons Foodie owner Laurie Trujillo-Amay, who claims hers became the region’s first non-hot dog food trailer 10 ago. “Montauk has one at almost every spot available, according to the town.”

Trujillo-Amay, a former California resident, said the growing number of food trucks echoes the popularity of mobile food distribution in the Golden State. “It’s the way to do food these days,” she says. “People love our trucks and not only is it convenient, but the food rocks.”

The Hamptons Foodie chef said she loves changing up her menu with new dishes borne from her culinary experiments with beloved ingredients, most recently of the truffle variety, and she’s not the only one.

Not only does Eat Me, Drink Me make hand-cut fries with black truffle oil, black truffle salt and moliterno truffle cheese, but fourth-time James Beard nominee for Best Chef of the Northeast Gerry Hayden also uses the mushrooms in his Lunch Truck’s new egg sandwich. (The truck is run by his wife, Claudia Fleming, and Cindy Halloran.) The breakfast treat is made with Heritage pork sage sausage, local organic eggs from Browder’s Birds, aged white cheddar and winter black truffle butter served on a Blue Duck Bakery brioche bun.