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Edible East End and Edible Manhattan are proud to release their first e-books, compilations of some of the best writing on subjects of most interest to our readers.

cover of a Time to Taste

A Time to Toast, Edible East End’s e-book, covers their “Behind the Bottle” column from its early days in 2005 to current releases following the upward trajectory of Long Island Wine Country and its producers. Look for pieces on Sparkling Pointe’s 2004 Blanc de Blanc, the Leo Family 2007 red and the Loire varietals wines of our most recent winery, Kontokosta. We also must remind you about the up-to-date and very useful free app from the Long Island Wine Council. It will make planning your trip to Wine Country easy and informative.

cover of Edible Manhattan's Icons

The Edible Manhattan book is called Icons, a collection of stories about the famed and fabulous makers and doers in the New York food world. We feature Ann Saxelby, Russ & Daughters, Murray’s Cheese and the Brothers Zabar.

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