Give us Feedback! And See Your Words in the Magazine

readerfeedbackpageReader feedback is the life blood of a publication. We crave your tweets, Facebook reactions and blog comments. So much so we want to feature your words in all the coming issues of our magazine. Edible Manhattan was able to put it in their last issue. So let us know what you’re thinking. Represent East End!
There are more ways than ever to interact with our edit staff. Long gone are the days of writing a letter to our editor (although you’re welcome to do that, too); now you can tweet at us, leave us a Facebook comment, give us your two cents on our Instagram posts and share your reaction at the bottom of our blog posts.You can e-mail us at and reach out to our individual editors. Here are our Twitter handles:

Brian Halweil @brianhalweil
Eileen M. Duffy @cellarette
Lindsay Morris @lindsaymorrisphotography
Meghan Harlow (intern) @meghanharlow

Some of this dialogue could make it into future print issues while all of it will help us to better give you what you want.

Got a bone to pick, question to ask, point to make or story to share? We’re listening.