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When Brian Halweil talked to Paulette Satur about her vegetable business in 2005, she was farming nearly 200 acres in Cutchogue with her husband Eberhard Müller. Now the couple’s produce is featured in Fresh Direct and Satur rents land in Florida to ensure her delicate greens are available year round for New York chefs and King Kullen shopper.

The article closes with what we’re all dreaming of, as Satur told Halweil: “When our white asparagus starts,” says Satur, “I put a pot of salted water on the stove, go out to the beds to cut the asparagus, give them a quick peeling, plunge them into the boiling water while whipping up a hollandaise, and call Eberhard in for breakfast. There is nothing like the first cutting of asparagus. I always tell our chef customers to ask me what I had for lunch,” because that is what has just arrived. Just started. And is perfect for eating.” Read the entire article here.