9 Ways to Drink Chocolate This Valentine’s Day

Thanks to these New York based producers, you can have your chocolate and drink it too.

1. Aztec Spicy Hot Chocolate
If you want to spice up your V-day this year, try MarieBelle’s pure shaved South American cacao mixed with chipotle Ancho chili, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Facebook / MarieBelle

2. Chocolate Egg Cream
Forget champagne. Get your fizz on with this New York icon at Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain.




3. Drinking Chocolate
Drinking chocolate is always a good thing. Try this one from Roni Sue’s Chocolates and bring your relationship with chocolate to a whole new level.

roni sue


4. Cacao-Infused Whiskey
Whether you’re paired off or own your own this year, Cacao Prieto’s Widow Jane Whiskey will make your Valentine’s Day significantly more pleasant.

widow jane


5. Chestnut Cocoa Stout
Try it from Even More Denmark, whose collaboration is the definition of love: chocolate within a beer, beer within a chocolate.



6. Cozy Hot Chocolate
For those who like to spend February 14th with a blanket and a fire, cozy hot chocolate from Nunu Chocolates is the way to go.

nunu copy

7. Mole Bitters
If the thought of the holiday makes you bitter, add a few dashes of Bitterman’s cacao, cinnamon and spice flavored Xocolatl Mole™ Bitters to some aged tequila and those feelings may just disappear.



8. Nutella Hot Chocolate
This recipe by Lisa Harris is the best thing to happen to hot chocolate since the invention of marshmallows.



9. Chocolate Stout
Brooklyn Brewery’s 
Black Chocolate Stout is for serious chocolate lovers only. No light, creamy, milk chocolate people allowed.

brooklyn chocolate stout