The Year in Photos

As photo editor of Edible East End I have the luxury of photographing scores of talented food artisans and working with some pretty exceptional photographers. Here are a few selected images from the many food stories told in Edible East End in 2013.


Photo by Lindsay Morris

At the top of my list for 2013 is this portrait of fisherman Donald Alversa from a story about squid in the spring issue. Donald died last September while doing the work he loved on the Jason and DanielleI would have chosen this image regardless of the circumstances because I liked his calm demeanor and the shapes and tonal quality of the heavy equipment surrounding him. Knowing what we now know about the young man in the image changes our perception and hopefully inspires us to give a little more thought to the food on our plates.



Photo by Randee Daddona

I love Randee Dadonna’s photos of Paul Massey’s Eastport duck farm. I thought the story was captured beautifully, and who doesn’t like a big box of fluffy ducklings?



Photo by Lindsay Morris

Carissa Waechter, profiled in our fall issue,  is tall and lovely and brimming with personality. She’s passionate about her work, and I think it shows in this photo. She eagerly demonstrated how she grinds homegrown wheat and then insisted I carry a giant bag of her irresistible bread home with me. She truly bakes all of that goodness and personality into her loaves. I and our readers walk away with the satisfaction of having learned something and a bag of wholesome smiles.


Photo by Doug Young

I have a soft spot in my heart for this man, captured in portrait with lobster by Doug Young. Tom Schaudel is as talented as he is prolific, the current owner of five restaurants with his hands in several others and a blues fan to boot.


8_Hands_Farm_064 mattfurman

Photo by Matt Furman

On occasion I get to sort through less serious images such as this story from 8 Hands Farm whose comedic sheep were cleverly composed by photographer Matthew Furman.


school garden_Lindsay Morris

Photo by Lindsay Morris

School greenhouse and garden projects were an important story across the country in 2013. Writer Gwendolyn Groocock captured their progress on the East End.  I post this one with pride having witnessed so many of these devoted and eager student farmers being taught the elementals on the East End.



Photo by Randee Daddona

Photo by Randee Daddona

Randee Dadonna did a stellar job of capturing this community meal in Orient on the North Fork. Her photos made me wish I could have been in two places at once to experience firsthand this impeccably put together celebration of local food.



Photo by Lindsay Morris

What impressed me about the Gambinos was not how much the family enjoys their weekly get-togethers, but the scale of the meal and the love and attention ladled into each dish. No matter how much care is given to the ingredients and presentation, I viscerally experienced the difference between the meals we enjoy in a restaurant and the meals we make in our kitchens with family and friends.