Thera Farms’ Newest Project, Pasture Raised Beef, Needs Our Help

We all know Teddy Bolkas of Thera Farms as one of Long Island’s most prestigious organic farmers and tomato whisperers. But he does much more than grow veggies; he is at the vanguard of the movement toward a more sustainable future. “Farming isn’t just what I do. Farming is who I am,” he says. One would think a 2,600-square-foot greenhouse full of hydroponic lettuce, two acres of vegetables, three beehives and 50 chickens along with a second full-time job would be enough to satisfy the itch for creating. Not for Bolkas.

He’s at it again. But this time he’s after our meat supply and he needs our help! On Long Island locavores lack access to locally raised organic meats. Bolkas wants to change that by converting his 30 acres of property in upstate New York into a pasture-raised beef ranch. With help from his network of farmers and friends he has the manpower, equipment, knowledge and land. What he needs from us money for infrastructure, like a barn, irrigation and paddocks. Together we can change the future of our food supply. Visit his Kickstarter page to get involved.

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What does “pasture raised” mean, and how does it differ from free range and grassfed? Read on.