Our 13 Most Read Stories of 2013

The interests of our readers—and writers—are as varied as your diet should be. People visit edibleeastend.com to learn about the area, find out about events and participate in cover selection. Below are the top 13 stories of 2013.

13. Dirt Lot Dinners at Ditch Plains

Turf at the Dirt Lot with Zach LyndA food truck only adds to the allure of Montauk’s prime surfing spot.

12. The Occasional Vegetarian

2013_Sid_Lerner_lmorri_optSid Lerner, the creator of Meatless Mondays.

11. North Fork Farm Stands Part II

bayviewfarm_90_randeedaddonaThe second half of pretty comprehensive roundup.

10. Farmer + Brewer = Long Island’s Wet-Hopped Beers of 2013

long ireland wet hops11_eileenmduffyLocal breweries are taking advantage of the fresh hops available from farmers. Fall is the time to drink wet-hopped beers.

9. Montauk Lands a CSF

Dock to DishThe freshest fish is right at hand from this new community supported fishery.

8. A One-Man Dairy Farm

TY_LLWYD_FARM_rdaddona_optRaw milk enthusiasts have reason to cheer Chris Wines.

7. DIY: Probiotics by the Glass

kefir.jpgOne woman’s romance with kefir.

6. Luce’s Holding Company Buys Stirling Square, Will Open Restaurant, Café and Retail Shop

2013_Keith_Luce_lmorri_optEveryone likes to read about chefs on the move.

5. Long Island’s Livestock

ludlow_2_randeedaddona_fmtThe story of the burgeoning livestock business on Long Island.

4. The Non-Corporate Restaurant Corporation

East Hampton Grill_ellenwatsonThe East Hampton Grill makes its mark.

3. Off-Season in Montauk

Anthony's Pancake House

Anthony’s Pancake House

It really is worth the trip.

2. Help Us Pick the Cover for Our Fall 2013 Issue

EEE42-Cover-HiRes-NoBarcode for webYou know how it turned out.

1. The Lemonade Tree

Sumac_lmorris-2_optSumac is hot.