RECIPE: Sweet Vanilla Bean Risotto With Poached Seckel Pears


Despite the warm weather we have been having in the tri-state area (no complaints here), the fall season is in full swing at the Union Square Greenmarket. The end of summer tomatoes are at their sweetest peak and still shining amongst the varieties of apple, cauliflower, kale, squash and a fruit that caught my eye — the petite Seckel pear. Although not equal in size to your average pear, these near bite-size morsels are just as flavorful and sweet.

My original intention was to make a butternut squash risotto, but these darling Seckel pears stole the show from the golden-yellow, long-necked bowling pin shaped squash. Because I was so determined to make a risotto, I decided to turn my savory dish into a sweet treat—vanilla bean risotto with poached Seckel pears.

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