E-Wine, Anyone?

IPad_EEE42-aftertaste_opt-550x684Long Island Wine Country celebrated its 40th anniversary this year—1973 was when the first intrepid wine-grape growers stuck vines in the ground. The occasion is a good time to look back and see how far the region has come. Edible East End has had a front-row seat for at least eight years, a time when there’s been an explosion of new wineries and grape growers, as well as a bloom of new varieties planted (from chenin blanc to petit verdot) and wine styles made (from orange wines to bubbly). Long Island Wine Country accommodated more visitors this year than ever before and held its biggest blow-out bash, HARVEST, in September.

And this November, to celebrate the region’s bright future, and kick off the autumnal wine-tasting season, we will release our first e-book, which will draw from “Behind the Bottle” articles we’ve written to chronicle and celebrate the wine being made on the East End, and what we like to eat it with. (We’re fortunate this coincides with the debut of Edible Long Island, the fourth in our family of magazines, which we are so proud you have adopted into your communities.)

Whether you are a local or occasional visitor, consider the book your one-stop-shop for an in-depth overview of Long Island Wine Country history, the story of 15 wineries, profiles of over 40 wines, wine-making styles, wine trail maps, and a linked reference guide you can book your wine country visit or purchase wine as you read. Edible subscribers will receive a copy with their subscriptions, others will be able to purchase it at edibleeastend.com.