Our New Cover Revealed–Young Gardeners Welcome Us into Fall

EEE42-Cover-HiRes-NoBarcode for web
At the Westhampton Beach Oyster Festival, the A Love Shared fundraiser and pretty much everywhere we bumped into our readers in the last week, everyone wants to tell us how they cast their vote (200+) for our fall issue. “I like the black ram,” said one. “But I know you’ll pick the kids. It’s always the kids.”If you are already an Edible subscriber, you will know which cover we selected for this fall issue. (The tablet and smartphone versions went live yesterday.) And, yes, we chose the kids, specifically the photo of Sag Harbor Elementary School students in the middle of a late-summer harvest from their school garden and greenhouse. We chose this option for both practical and thematic reasons. The bright sky in the top of the photo works well for our cover text. And the image reinforces a major theme of this fall issue, the spread of school gardens throughout the East End–there are now nearly 25 on both forks! The image is ethereal, making us think of some future utopia where young gardeners save the world from climate change, obesity and eco-destruction.The duo of Icelandic sheep was a close second for us–looking alien and human at the same time, juxtaposed with the bright sky and reflecting water trough. And we liked all the other options too, as we know you did, including the iconic black ram and the people’s-choice winner of Carissa Waechter’s incredible farm-ground bread.

Thanks to our wonderful photographers, including Randee Daddona, Matthew Furman and Lindsay Morris. And thank you to everyone who shared their comments with us. Keep an eye out for the new issue in tasting rooms, restaurants and food shops everywhere next week. Or, subscribe and get it at your door.Here are some of our other favorite comments:

Representative of the majority of votes for the bread: “#1 Carissa’s Breads! This photo represents everything “Edible” about the East End. A wonderful local vendor selling to other local vendors and consumers and a great story about a phenomenal new baker!

And this: “#1; our 2 yr old son loves it:))) he goes directly to it at the montauk farm market and picks his own loaf:)

The practical and informative: “Uncle Spiros, these sheep are both food and fibre (meat, milk, and wool). My vote is for the black ram photo, composition is good, makes for an interesting cover, and is a great icon for sustainable farming.

The self-depricating: “#1. I’m a fat man that happens to eat a lot of meat and bread due to hating fruit and vegetables and I try and get as much bread from Carissa as possible to put in my stomach cause of how amazing it is. yum!”

The referential: “Julia Child said it best, “How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like Kleenex?” Carissa turned that around for all of us now that we can share her crusty loaves with a house full of family and friends. And isn’t that what Edible East End is all about?”

The poetic, literally:
The school greenhouse and garden does thrive–
Those veggies that help us survive!
So I am a lover
For Edible”s cover
To be the one numbered FIVE!