Oysterponds Historical Society Offers a Course in Fiber Arts on August 13


We’ve had a great response to Ellie Duke’s recent post on the Long Island Livestock Company, where Tabbethia Haubold-Magee tends to and shears llamas, alpacas, angora goats and sheep. The post caught the eye of Ellen Zimmerman of the Oysterponds Historical Society where a four-day course on fiber arts will be taught starting August 13. Students will learn the steps to go from sheep to shawl. There are still spaces available, so check out their website and sign up. The course is $50 for OHS members or $60 for non-members. Price includes materials. Schedule below.

Day 1: Get the wool
Watch a sheep being sheared  and learn about different types of sheep and wool.  Wash the wool  to get it ready to spin.
Day 2: Spin the yarn
Prepare wool for spinning.   Watch an expert spin – using modern and 19th century tools.  Make a drop spindle and learn to spin yourself!
Day 3: Dye the wool  
Learn about how to get beautiful colors from nature.  Experiment dyeing with plants you have gathered.
Day 4: Make cloth. 
Learn how a loom works and how different patterns are made. Try it out yourself using the yarn you have dyed.