Edible, or Not Edible?

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There’s been a mushroom bloom in my backyard. Which is weird, because it is not shady, but not weird, because it is damp. They popped up this morning, and I picked some. But I washed my hands afterward, just in case. Any mycologists out there? An identification would be appreciated. And I know, no mushroom hunter will give the go-ahead to eat one, just tell me what it is. Other Edible articles about mushroom foraging here.

UPDATE: I think I’ve found it. The meadow mushroom.

I’ve also gotten advice on Facebook, beyond the predictable “Just eat it!”, was this:

An old mushroom picker I know swears by taking a tiny nibble, and if the flavor is bad, he rules it out. If it’s good, he keeps nibbling. (He also consults books and friends before.) You might try the good folks at Long Island Mycological Society, http://www.limyco.org/. —From Edible editor Brian Halweil


The problem often lies with the ‘look alikes’. It takes much time and expert mentoring to know what’s safe. On the other hand, I’ve noticed a lot of chanterelles showing up – they’re easy to identify and delicious! –from Edible reader Henry P. Doll