Food and Drinks Writing (and Tasting) at Southampton Writers Conference

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Writers of all shapes and sizes have descended on Southampton Stonybrook for the annual writers conference. It’s a gathering for those who put pen to paper, creating plays, childrens books and novels, and try to make a living doing so. And this year, food and drinks writing has been added to the mix, with a 3-day minicourse from July 22-24 that will include a in-class seasonal tasting session, dinner out as a class, and the chance to pitch an Edible editor.

Food and drinks writing is timelier than ever, at least in our opinion. Who isn’t interested in reading about food? Taught by Edible East End’s editor, Brian Halweil, attendees at this workshop will explore food and drink writing’s “expressive potential,” including food as metaphor, and other imaginative uses writers make of food and drink culture, from Michael Pollan’s classic The Botany of Desire, to Up in the Old Hotel by Joseph Mitchell, and MFK Fisher’s How to Cook a Wolf and Men’s Lives by Peter Matthiessen.

The workshop is open to any one enrolled in the summer conference this week and next, alongside a range of other short courses taught by Edible friends and contributors, including Emma Walton Hamilton (on childrens literature), Susan Scarf Merrell (on short stories), and Zachary Lazar (Point of View in Fiction).