Seed Saving Workshop by Steph Gaylor at Hallockville on June 2

This Sunday, June 2, at 2 p.m. Hallockville Museum Farm will be hosting friend of Edible, Steph Gaylor of Invincible Summer Farms, as she gives a presentation about heirloom vegetables and seed-saving.

Steph will discuss her work in saving, archiving and growing heirloom varieties, as well as how the home gardener can get involved, by saving their own seeds and strengthening the local food supply in the process. Says Gaylor: “It’s very important to start growing regionally-adapted varieties because of climate change. Many people are using seeds from other parts of the country that won’t adapt to our region’s climate changes. The more varieties you have, the better your yield will be.”
Steph will share tips on how you can start saving your own seeds and end your reliance on seed catalogs and seedlings from big-box stores. She says: “Everybody used to save their own seeds–gardeners and farmers. Every heirloom variety came from one person saving it, and gardeners have been the vanguard of this seed-saving movement.” Steph’s passion for seed-saving and growing local is also directly linked to Hallockville Museum Farm’s mission of reconnecting the community to our shared agricultural heritage. Generations of East End farmers relied on saving their own seeds season after season; it’s only been n the last fifty years that growers have come to rely on other sources- catalogs, stores and big-name seed companies- for their food.
The program begins at 2pm and advance registration is required- call 631-298-5292 or e-mail to sign up.