Get Thee to the Market

With nearly a dozen active farmers markets operating on the East End, it’s incredible to imagine that the Sag Harbor market—the first—was launched in just 2005. Spanning both forks, these markets complement our abundant farm-stand offerings, bringing together farmers, food makers, winemakers and even brewers to peddle their wares in one place. The Springs market offers a rotating selection of Long Island breweries. The Sag Harbor market offers multiple seafood mongers. Each has grown into a community-gathering space that testifies to the joys of open-air food buying. So get your bag, start planning dinner, and consider hitting as many of these as you can this summer. Most East End farmers markets run from late May through September or October. The Sag Harbor market has operated year-round for the last two years. We’ve come a long way, indeed. Click here to see a larger map.