Big Squid Dinner Going Giant With Channing Daughters Wine

Readers of our Spring Issue know that squid is one of the North East’s most plentiful and sustainable of the ocean’s seafood. It spawns a couple of times a year and, because it’s no where near the top of the food chain, it incorporates very few toxins during its lifetime. With that knowledge under our belt, Edible and Almond Restaurant and Bar in Bridgehampton have teamed up to serve an all-squid and rosé dinner on May 15. (The family-style meal will cost $60 per person, plus tax and gratuity. To reserve your seat, call Almond at 631.537.5665.) The menu was announced last week, but the wine pairings were not.

The dishes will be served with four of Channing Daughters seven rosés from the 2012 vintage. Read on and salivate:

CDW 2012 Rosato di Cabernet Franc with…Squid Ceviche aji amarillo crème fraiche, blood orange, Marilee’s radishes

CDW 2012 Rosato di Sculpture Garden (a field blend of merlot, blaufrankisch and teroldego) with…Grilled Squid & Pulpo, marinated baby artichokes, pickled ramps, avocado, romesco

CDW 2012 Rosato di Syrah with…Turducken (except with rock shrimp, maine crab and squid), peppedews, micro basil, ramp pesto, preserved lemon, saffron rice crispie

CDW 2012 Rosato di Refosco with…Squid Bibambap, cucumber kimchi, gochiujang