Dine on NY’s Most Sustainable Seafood and Spring Rosati at Almond

Grab your seat for a squid and wine feast without precedent. On May 15, in celebration of what is perhaps New York’s most sustainable seafood, Almond restaurant in Bridgehampton will serve four courses of local squid, paired with four of the just-released roses from Channing Daughters Winery.

As described in our spring issue, squid remains Montauk’s biggest catch. During the high season, our squid fleet sends 8-10 tractor trailer loads of the fish to seafood distributors in New York and around the nation, every day. Montauk pulls in a full quarter of the nation’s squid catch. That’s not the only reason we fell in love with this underrated cephalopod. Seafood guides tout New York squid as a super sustainable choice, and we call squid “the kale of the sea,” since it’s hardy, available year round, economical and delicious. More to the point for the May 15 dinner, Chef Jason Weiner says squid is “comfortable in the context of a bunch of different culinary idioms. You can obviously throw it in one of those Ligurian or Provençal fisherman’s stews that everyone loves. But it’s also great in an udon or a bibimbap.”

Squid bibimbap? Yes, please.

The family-style meal will cost $60 per person, plus tax and gratuity. During the meal, diners will hear bon mots from Chef Jason Weiner, Channing Daughters winemaker Christopher Tracy, and a Montauk squid fisherman. To reserve your seat, call Almond at 631.537.5665.