Making Sense of Meatloaf

For two weeks, I have been fighting a cold that led to a sinus infection causing my most coveted senses, taste and smell, to go dormant. During this time my father came back from the sunny Florida Keys to begin the electrical work on our upcoming home Sheridan Green. How nice of him considering we have been hit with some nasty weather on the East End of Long Island. When cooking, I have been trudging along relying on my husband Chris and my sixth sense to guide the way. Thankfully, I made a few meals prior to my father’s visit before becoming sick; I froze some pasta e fagioli, tomato soup, ricotta gnocchi and French onion soup.

I took on the challenge of making one of my father’s favorite meals, meatloaf. How was I going to make sense of this Cook’s Country inspired recipe? My senses were shot. I began cooking dinner before Chris and my father returned home from working on our house. Upon their arrival my father said, “Whatever you are making smells absolutely delicious.” Imagine a foodie like me making a meatloaf of beef and pork, wrapping it in bacon and not being able to taste or smell it. As my father took a bite of the meatloaf, he closed his eyes (my father always closes his eyes when critiquing food) he said, “Not bad. I’m not fond of the barbecue glaze, and maybe would have added some carrots to it, but pretty good for someone who cannot taste or smell.”

I have been fantasizing about walking into a bakery, smelling fresh pastry and warm loaves of bread coming out of the oven.  As soon as I get better I will be running to The Blue Duck Bakery Cafe in Riverhead to take a deep breath. In the meantime, I hope you can make sense of this meatloaf recipe.

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