Award-winning Film ‘Growing Farmers’ Now Viewable on Web

Ever wondered exactly why food from local farmer’s markets, farm stands and top Hamptons restaurants taste so good? You can watch part of the answer by clicking here to view the award-winning Hamptons International Film Festival 18-minute short, Growing Farmers. Until this week, the film, which tells of a movement among a new breed of young East End farmers to give you local flavor-packed foods, has only been shown in theaters or special gatherings. 

Last Wednesday, I attended one in Manhattan, an energy-packed, wine-sipping room full of several hundred people in a very upmarket showroom setting at ABC Carpet & Home.  The evening was part of a design lecture series put on by Maxwell Ryan’s For the first time, the series was examining food and flavor.

Co-producers Michael Halsband and Hilary Leff after winning audience award for Growing Farmers

The panel discussion after the film gave a sense of the vibrancy of a new farming movement.  It’s a new world where a tomato is named after Michael Pollan, writer and sustainable agriculture advocate, and clusters of new farmers like those shown in Growing Farmers are emerging across America. posted a video of last Wednesday’s lively dialogue between Ryan and the farmers.

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