Browders Buy Own Farm for Raising Chickens; Oregon Road Parcel Is Protected Farmland

This is exactly how it’s supposed to work. Homebuyers pay a two-percent transfer tax and the money goes into a local or county fund dedicated to preserving open space and farmland. Local nonprofit keeps an eye out for farms that are at risk of being sold for development. A 13-acre farm on Oregon Road in Mattituck comes up for sale. Nonprofit buys it and then sells development rights to town.

Couple gets sick of New York and decides to raise pastured, organic chickens. Community accepts them enthusiastically. They need to expand and are able to buy 13 acres on Oregon Road because of a collaboration among taxpayer, government and nonprofit.

The couple are Chris and Holly Browder of Browder’s Birds, who have been featured in Edible a few times. The nonprofit is Peconic Land Trust, the taxpayer is you.

Peconic Land Trust Announces the Sale of 13.2 acres of Protected Farmland in Mattituck to Chris and Holly Browder of Browder’s Birds.