How About the 12 Growlers of the New Year?

This is Thrifty Beverage on Route 25A in Rocky Point where you can try one new beer a day and make it halfway into the month of January. I took this picture this summer when Rocky Point Artisan Brewers made their first delivery, a hefeweizen, for public consumption. It was cloudy and pale and fresh. Growler stations are par for the course these days and a great way to get the freshest local beer. I found a website that looks like it could become a good resource once more people sign up. It’s also encouraging that beer made on the East End is showing up in other states.

For those unfamiliar with growlers: Growlers are 64 ounce jugs that are sold for around $5 at most beverage stores and breweries. Once you’ve bought one, you can bring it back and refill it. The price of the refill depends on the beer, but it’s usually  around $10 to $15.