First Shellabration Draws 746 People

The first Shellabration, a fundraiser and mini restaurant and winery tour, attracted about 850 people over two days, says John Kramer, the Southold resident who came up with the idea. Participants bought a $10 wristband, either ahead time or at the Greenport Harbor Brewery, which entitled them to a sample beer and some shellfish at the brewery and then a $5 shellfish dish and a $3 wine tasting at 11 different Greenport restaurants. Sarah Phillips of First and South said she estimated 400 people came to her restaurant between noon and 5 p.m. for Shellabration. She was serving a chowder with Lieb Pinot Blanc, which she happens to have on tap.

The event had approximately 250 walk-ins per day and sold 334 bands ahead of time. Says Kramer, “The real joy was seeing all the ‘Shellabants’ roaming from one restaurant to the other, comparing tasting notes with newly met friends, and asking each other which they liked best! My impression was that most folks experienced three to four places each day as they fell into groups and got relaxed and picked up more people as they progressed from one to the other. I met many from the Hamptons, New York City, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Brooklyn and Nassau and western Suffolk, some who have never been here before.”

The event benefited the  SPAT program and the refurbishment of the Greenport Legion Post 185 skating rink. Each will receive $3,541.