Red Hook Wine Tasting/Sale at Winemaker Studio December 3; Industry Urged to Support Winery Crippled by Sandy

Winemaker Anthony Nappa is holding a tasting and sale of Red Hook wine to help liquidate what inventory they have left. A message from him is below. Red Hook Winery tasting Monday December 3 at The Winemaker Studio, 5 to 9 p.m.

“As you may or may not know Red Hook winery got destroyed by Hurricane Sandy with five feet of storm surge in the winery. They lost everything, equipment and more importantly three vintages of wine in tank and barrel were all washed away or contaminated.

We reached out to Red Hook as soon as we could and asked how we could help. Because Red Hook had some inventory off site they asked us that the best help would be help sell some wine to raise some cash, but they refused charity. They said they are luckier then many of their neighbors in the area because they have inventory they can liquidate and many of the businesses in the area need help/charity even more. While the Future of Red Hook Winery is uncertain at, they ask that the best help would be for us to enjoy what remains of the fruits of their labors.

So to do our part to support one of our industry colleagues please come, purchase and enjoy some Red Hook wines.

Free tasting of all the Red Hook wines we have in stock until tasting bottles run out), With the idea of purchasing something to support Red Hook winery as well as Local wines and growers, as all the Red Hook wines we have are from North Fork vineyards including, Jamesport Vineyard, Split Rock Vineyard, Palmer Vineyard, One Woman Vineyard, Mattabella Vineyard, Sargon Vineyard and Macari Vineyards. Half the wines are each made by infamous Napa winemakers, Bob Foley and Abe Schoener, both polar opposite winemaking styles working with the same North Fork Fruit.

Industry discounts apply as well as  general public case discounts, 20% off all wines.”