SLIDESHOW: Saturday Night Romps, Photo Editor Style

Last Saturday night was less than typical. This Edible photo editor shot from 5 p.m. until the sky started to brighten at 4 a.m. From the Bambini Ball in Bridgehampton to benefit Liz Joyce’s Goat on a Boat Puppet theater, to Edible’s Eat Drink Local Food and Film night at Marder’s. Between shots, I snacked on local clams, Ludlow cheeses, hand crafted rootbeer, La Fondita, and ice cold frothy Blue Point brew, plus honey from the Bee’s needs. All cravings were satisfied. Party-goers were then treated to several short films curated by Andrea Grover of the Parrish Art Museum, focusing on stories of the bays and farms of the east end.

As the clock stuck midnight I fortified myself on a shot of a favorite home brewed elixir (kombucha, that is) and made my way to the East Hampton Bowling alley for one final gig: the monthly reggae dance party. There, a large crowd of Jamaicans and Antiguans from posts west, and a few locals partied to the rhythms of the islands into the wee hours of the night. I eyed the Red Bull sometime around 3, but alas, did not partake.